The "Why" Behind Her Style and Purpose: Meet Amanda Rose


If there is one thing I believe we can all agree on, it is that it feels GREAT to pick out an outfit and know, "This is ME, I will so rock this today!" But if you are like me, that usually doesn't just happen. It is a process. One day, I thought "WHOA, I spend so much time getting ready but hardly any time taking care of who I am on the inside or even spending time with my Creator (the one who made me, who loves my big hair and wild spirit.)"

After discovering more about who I am on the inside and getting to know the God who created me, I am now confident in the things I love (like fashion) because I know it does not solely define me.

My challenge to you today, before you decided what you are going to wear, decide who you want to be and who you are going to let define you.

Have a beautiful day darlings, xox Amanda Rose, Top Buttons Contributor

More About this Contributor: I am passionate about many things from my big hair, to trying new foods, my city (Rockford, IL), to helping people discover what story God has uniquely written for them. I love fashion + have an eye for design. When I said "Jesus, I want to follow you", that meant what I was passionate about could NOT be just for me. Because I believe He has placed certain things inside of me, I recently had the God-birthed idea of launching a unique business called Worth Royalty. I also work at one of the greatest/realest churches I know called Rockford First + help specifically with a gap year program called Focus One which helps young adults define more about what it means to be a world changer in their own life. Every day is quite the adventure for me; I'm constantly learning to embrace it with peace & excitement!