The Perfect Plaid Shirt


Every Fall I look forward to the return of pumpkin spice lattes, scented holiday candles, and PLAID SHIRTS. In pursuit of the PERFECT shirt I have searched high and low to round up my top picks for this season’s star wardrobe staple. Here are six shirts I’ve got my eye on. 1. Madewell makes an excellent modern plaid shirt. This color is called "warm berry" and it is perfection. I love the lightweight material and the muted colors.

2. This second Madewell shirt had to be included in the roundup. I love the color combination and the slim fit of this shirt. I'd consider this one a MUST for my Fall and Winter wardrobe this year.

3. Gap's red and black fitted boyfriend shirt is extremely popular and for good reason. The plaid is a staple color combination that will never go out of style. This shirt is ultra soft and has a tailored slim fit to it that is very flattering.

4. J Crew's boyfriend shirt in bluegrass plaid is a bright, happy shirt. I love the comfy, thick material and the relaxed fit.

5. Target has an impressive array of plaid shirts available this year. It's always nice to have a lot of "options" right at your finger tips. A price tag of $22.99 for this shirt is also very appealing!

6. Old Navy is another store that has a ton of shirts to choose from at a lower price point. This poppy, blue plaid is a "fun" color combination to add to your shirt collection!

Have you found the perfect plaid shirt yet? Let us know where you scored yours in the comments below!

 Happy Shopping,