Why Every Pre-teen Should Have A Blazer


TBGirls-53Whether you are a mom of a pre-teen or a pre-teen yourself reading this post, we have to say, a pre-teen is NOT too young to own a blazer.  In fact we believe, if you don't have one, it should be at the top of your list on your next shopping trip! Summer is a time of freedom.  No one wants to be constricted or restricted by what they are wearing.  But having just the right light-weight blazer, can take a playtime look and make it a classy and professional one.  Young ladies need practice dressing professionally.  One day they will enter the workforce and practice makes perfect!  It isn't difficult to add a little structure to your look to change the entire vibe!


This look just went from pool time, to job interview or summer luncheon with mom.  No matter what age you are, get yourself a light weight blazer for summer! You won't regret it.

Photography by Beth Carter

Hair and Makeup by Yolanda Delacerda 

Top 4 Reasons to Love Preteen Style


We all know fashion is no longer defined by age. Preteen style isn't frilly dresses anymore! These ladies are learning more about what they like and don't like everyday. With that in mind we should love, encourage, and get inspiration from their creative looks. At Top Buttons, we can't get enough of their LOVE of LIFE and each other! We asked some young ladies to wear their favorite summer looks for this photoshoot. The outcome couldn't have been orchestrated any better if we would have chosen the outfits for them. So here are our Top 4 Reasons to Love Preteen Style... Take a look.

1. Preteens LOVE clothing items which are Bright and Fun!


Ever found yourself buying that same neutral or black item over and over again?  Your tween self would have totally gone with a neon or bright color, no questions asked!  Embrace color this summer!

2. Preteens will try a new style or trend without fuss!


As they continue to develop their own unique style, this age group isn't afraid to branch out and try something new with their wardrobe.  Aztec, chambray, you name it, and they will try it.  Mixing patterns and colors are a must and it's a great way to maximize your wardrobe.

3. Preteens love to capture fashion and friendship!




You know it's true.  A Preteen does not miss a moment to snap a pic of their new look with their closest friends. Why not make the most of a great outfit, smile, and camera combo???  During summer, it is a most opportune time.

4. Preteens NEVER FORGET their favorite accessories to complete every look!



Everything about this outfit just works!  Try not to be so predictable with your accessories. Mixing things up a bit by adding a totally different color to your shoes or jewelry will add some spunk in your step and some serious interest to your outfit.

Now we all know, clothing which line the shelves for preteen's is often not... hmm... How shall we say it?...  age appropriate or modest.

Finding shorts which aren't too short for those growing legs, being bold without being offensive, showing off your mood as it changes day to day, all add to the difficulty of expressing individual style with healthy boundaries. But we've seen it done and done well.

Fashion is ART. We believe the preteen is pretty amazing. She is one who is worth the extra time to find clothing which fits properly and sends a message to the world that she is way more than just a body. She has a beautiful spirit, a heart to give, a strength to overcome, a mind to change the world around her and some spunk to make us all forget our troubles.


At Top Buttons, we want to give our tween followers a chance to share their style and healthy self-confidence with the world.  This is why we have decided to start featuring them right here on topbuttons.org!  With this in mind, We have also started an Instagram account devoted to preteens, @tb_girls!

TBGirls-71 bw

We want to hear what you love the most about this age group AND their fashion sense. Let us know in the comments below! We can't wait for our next preteen photoshoot!

Hair and Makeup: Yolanda Delacerda Photography:   Beth Carter