Sustainable Fashion: Upcycling Trends

Did you ever think that hand-me-downs would be cool? Well they are! Sustainable fashion is taking a huge turn in the fashion industry and there's more to it then just saving money. Let me start by explaining sustainable fashion: it's basically recycling your style! All of you thrift shop seekers know what I'm talking about!  Everything that's old is new again, right? Well why buy something new that LOOKS old when you can find an original? I've seen a lot of examples on Pinterest. From thrift store shopping to finding something in the attic your mom wore 30 years ago, upcycling (or updating a recycled item to current trends) not only is super cool BUT also earth-friendly! The shirtdress I'm wearing in these photos was handmade by women in the Honduras in a fair-trade shop using recycled shirts! And my adorable combat boots were found in a thrift store! Upcycled or recycled fashion is a great way to create your own, unique style all while helping the earth be a little less cluttered.
Fair trade? What is that?
When products are fair-trade they most likely were made outside of the United States. The companies that sell fair-trade create working environments that are proper and well-equipped for workers versus sweat shops that use child labor, pay very little and work employees 15+ hours a day in a building that literally makes them sweat because it is so hot. The bracelets I am wearing in these photos are made with paper beads that have been hand-crafted by women in Uganda through a fair-trade company called Bead for Life. Thanks to new laws in Uganda, many women are getting a second chance at life to develop skills to sustain their children and families. Jewelry like this is fun to wear and supports a great cause!
So whether you shop in your local thrift stores or buy fair-trade products, I encourage you to use your style to make a difference.
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Guest Blogger: Casey Scheese