Spring (Fashion) Forward

The season we have all been waiting for is almost here... SPRING! If you are like me, you love the idea of flowers blooming this time of year. Although, flowers are not the only thing planning on blooming this Spring. This season I hope confidence will start blooming inside you like never before. Confidence is knowing who you are and whose you are. I encourage each of you to look in the mirror each morning and begin speaking to yourself in a kind way from the moment you wake up in the morning. This world already puts an immense amount of pressure on who we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to look like and who we are supposed to become. The least we can do is to be nice to ourselves.

In this post not only do I want to let you know about the upcoming Spring trends, but I also hope that at the end of this post you will feel like it is okay to embrace your individuality. You do not have to have a certain "style" to decide what to wear in the morning. Each day, I get dressed based on what I like and what I want to wear that day. While getting ready, I tell myself 3 things each morning:



You are uniquely made and uniquely LOVED! God loves us all differently but equally at the same time. I have learned to embrace this. I used to be so worried of what other people thought of me and I wanted to be liked by everyone. While being liked by others is a good thing, it is not good to sacrifice your unique personality for the sake of others. Embrace your uniqueness.

I love being able to express my uniqueness through my style. I love fashion because it is the perfect way to express yourself. Jean on jean used to be deemed "unacceptable" but it is a perfect outfit for a hot Spring day. The best thing about this outfit is that you can dress it up or down. Pictured above, I am wearing bold earrings and heels but you could wear this look anywhere. Cropped jeans are also trending this season so get ahold of some while you can!

Jean button up

Cropped jeans




You are so beautiful in God's eyes. I think what makes us beautiful is our stories and figuring out who we are. The best thing about figuring out who I was, was finding my passion. Our passions make us individual. God has each called us to a different path for a reason. I love the term "bloom where you are planted." Of course, this phrase coensides very well with this Spring blog but most of all, it calls each one of us to give our full effort to every situation we are in. Once you know what kind of flower you are, it becomes a lot easier to spread your seeds everywhere you are planted. 

Speaking of flowers, this skirt makes me feel like I fit right in with the roses behind me. I've had this skirt for a couple of years and honestly wish I pulled it out of my closet a little more. I also love this clutch. A clutch is a perfect way to tie your outfit together. The beaded clutch pictured above is one of my favorites. The pop of turquoise brightened up my outfit. I sure hope off the shoulder shirts aren't going anywhere this season!

Off the shoulder top

Long skirt

Beaded Clutch


I have always been that girl who loves putting on heels and a dress to feel powerful. Although, no matter how we are dressed or what we look like, there is so much we can accomplish. I think we underestimate how big of a difference we can make during our lifetime. We are strong and courageous. There are going to be people to tell you otherwise but we have to feed ourselves positive thoughts, especially when the rest of the world is trying to tear us down. 

Fishnet tights are trending but most of them are styled in a revealing way. I wanted to pair these fishnets with a cute black skirt that was not only modest, but essential for a warm day. I love nothing more than tying a knot in my oversized shirts to give my outfit a different look. You can even re-wear your Winter sweaters by tying a knot in the front with a pair of high waisted shorts! When it comes to your outfit, you have the power to create what you love. The options are limitless!

Striped shirt

Black vest

Black skirt

Fishnet tight


"Wake up every morning and tell yourself how unique, beautiful and strong you are."

XOXO, Lindsey