How to Stay Cool in Summer with Black Leggings

We just wrapped our latest photo shoot and it couldn't have come at a better time! We are so thrilled to feature some of our top choices for summer looks which you will see more of in future posts! To kick things off we are going to highlight one of our favorite trends, black leggings! Sounds crazy anything in summer just seems forbidden. But if you really think about it anywhere you go or anything you do black leggings always work! We want to answer a few questions and offer a few styling suggestions. The difference between jeggings and leggings

Leggings are lighter weight than jeggings.  For the summer heat this will work better! Reminder, with jeggings and the thicker fabric, the top doesn't have to cover the bottom.  With leggings and thinner material, get a top which covers your bottom.

Wear them with a long bright colored top
Nothing screams SUMMER louder than bright colors! That is why we suggest that when wearing your black leggings pair them with a bold colorful top!

Summer is for work outs. Wear them with your sneakers even if you are not running. 
Leggings transition nicely from a great workout at the gym to grabbing a quick bite or a smoothie with some of your friends!

Summer is for comfort. They are comfortable.
We personally love to where them anywhere at any time! Whether you're hanging out around the house or popping over to a friend's house, leggings should be your go to option!

Buy them because you can find them for CHEAP!
This is another reason we love leggings, they are cheap! Walmart sells them ... for $3.

Checkout 2 of our favorite looks below!

If you are looking for an effortless summer style, we recommend you pair your leggings with an oversized jersey tee.

Looking for something with more of an edge? We suggest you pair your jeggings with a cut off tee layered over a cami. Throw on a stylish fedora to finish off your look!

We hope you are just as excited about black leggings as we are! Finding an item to add to your summer wardrobe that can literally be worn over and over is such a dream come true! So, whether you are packing for a vacation or going to a movie make sure black leggings are at the top of your list for things to wear!

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{Photos by: Beth Carter Photography}