Fit For A Princess: Creating Princess Moments One Dress At A Time



 On a recent Instagram post the Top Buttons community of followers got a sneak peek on Alexis' involvement with something called Fit For A Princess. Here's the scoop:

Fit For A Princess (FFAP) is an organization in Lakeland, FL whose purpose is to create 'princess moments' for underprivileged high school students who would normally be unable to attend their prom. FFAP has carried out this vision by previously holding dress collections throughout the academic year to donate to the girls of Kathleen High School.
While founder Rachel Kelly was studying in her undergrad at Southeastern University, she read an article about a local high school student who couldn't attend her senior prom because she couldn't afford a dress.
“I realized in that moment that I wasn’t going to let a dress be the reason a girl would miss out on a Princess Moment,” says Kelly.
Since then, Rachel Kelly's dream for these girls became a reality. Currently, FFAP has over 200 dresses in their collection, although they are still looking to expand the variety of not only dresses but now accessories too. In addition, FFAP has received a lot of positive publicity, expansion, and donations. Miss Teen Florida has even offered to collect and donate pageant dresses from fellow pageant contestants and she has promised her presence at the dress give-away event in February.
“I got the call when I was in the store shopping. I literally threw the cart down the aisle and almost dropped my phone,” says Kelly. “You wouldn’t believe how many people are backing this. I have so much support."

This movement to create 'princess moments' has now been adopted by Florida Southern as well. Because two universities have now teamed up to make this event possible, Kelly expects to collect double the amount of dresses and even provide dresses for double the amount of girls by opening up their event to the students of Lakeland Senior High School as well as maintaining their involvement with Kathleen High School. To ensure that this vision is possible, Top Buttons is also supporting FFAP's endeavors and will be assisting in collecting dresses as well.

On February 22, 2014, Top Buttons will be teaming up with the FFAP team to transform Southeastern University's Sportsplex into a fancy boutique full of dresses, where high school students are invited to shop the dress selection completely free of charge with the opportunity to become a princess. On the day of the event, Top Buttons stylists and FFAP volunteers will be dressed as personal fashion consultants to create a dream come true.

More information regarding donations or volunteering can be found by emailing Alexis Gauthier at, or by contacting the founder herself -- Rachel Kelly -- at or visiting their Facebook page at