Fashion Finds at the Dollar Tree


Want cute styles and beauty products without breaking the bank? Never underestimate the potential of the Dollar Tree or other dollar stores! Featured below are just a few of the awesome items Fashion Cents Contributor, Alexis,  found while roaming the racks at her local Dollar Tree.


  1. e.l.f. Lip Color - Alexis often purchases this brand of cosmetics at Target because of its great quality combined with its appealing price, however, when she saw this lip color at the Dollar Tree, she just HAD to invest. At other stores, all of e.l.f. cosmetics are typically priced between $1-5, which is still a bargain.
  2. Animal-Print Sleep Mask - Get your beauty sleep and look cute doing it. Animal prints make a BOLD statement. For just $1, you can block out light to maximize your sleep quality.
  3. Scented Rose-Shaped Soap - Wake up and smell the roses. Not only do these soaps smell luxuriously good, but they're aesthetically decorative aswell. Every girl should pamper herself with this soap.
  4. Fleece-Lined Polyester Hats - Take advantage of this season's cold weather and rock a beanie. The Dollar Tree sells these hats in a variation of colors, sizes, and prints. Find one, two, or a few that suit your desires in a hat.
  5. Ladies' Boot Socks - Every Dollar Tree has their own selection of socks. Alexis purchased a pair of black polka-dotted knee-high socks to pair with her favorite riding boots. Visit your local dollar store to see what kind they have to offer.
  6. Sassy & Chic Foam Hair Rollers - Want no-heat curls? Purchase these hair rollers. They're made of foam, so you can sleep in them comfortably. Alexis uses foam hair rollers all the time to create voluminous curls that don't damage her hair. About 10 come in a pack, so use your discretion in purchasing as many as you need to confidently curl your locks.
  7. Donna Michelle Salon Basics 4-Piece Manicure Set - This is a neccessity to carry with you in your purse. Alexis is happy she bought one because it sure has saved her from alot of unwanted hangnails or unclipped nails.
  8. Heel & Ball-of-Foot Gel Cushions - As women, our heels are just as high as your standards, so we need some extra cushion and support to get us through the day. These gel cushions provide extra comfort and can be easily inserted and hidden in your favorite shoes.