'Blown Away' by Carrie Underwood's Style


After the hit live performance of Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music, she will once again appear in another popular show "Peter Pan Live" on NBC premiering later this year. This Grammy and award winning celebrity does not only have a spectacular voice, but she has also been on the front page of numerous magazines across the country. Just this last week she has partnered with the makeup brand Almay because she believes in celebrating our natural beauty. carrie1

Her style is flawless and we think she has excelled in every opportunity she has been given. She restrains from showing too much skin at her concerts around the world and she still pulls off her mixed rock country look. She likes to wear casual attire for many of her performances while she manages to look absolutely gorgeous at award ceremonies. Her confidence overrides the outfits she decides to wear on stage by staying modest in front of her millions of fans. In the midst of stardom she continues to exemplify great style that we adore. As she continues to make her mark on the iTunes top charts, we love how she continues to be herself as she starts a family with her husband Mike Fisher.